General conditions

1. General

1.1. Every order underlies the following general conditions. By giving the assignment the client agrees with these conditions.

2. Realisation of agreement

2.1. The agreement is realised for the client at the moment of providing the assignment via

3. Modification or withdrawal of assignments

3.1. B.A.Translations maintains the right to adapt the term of delivery or fee, in case the client wishes to make changes to the provided assignment other than those of a slight kind after the realisation of the agreement.

3.2. If a request for translation is cancelled while the translation is being performed, B.A.Translations shall be compensated in proportion to the work performed. The work completed shall be made available to the client.


4. Performance of assignments

4.1. B.A.Translations will provide a clear and accurate translation, but cannot undertake to comply with the subjective preference of the client.

4.2. B.A.Translations obligates herself in all cases to attend to a performance of the assignment to her best knowledge and abilities.

4.3. B.A.Translations reserves the right to consult the client for any explanations, clarifications, interpretations, information etc. concerning the text that is to be translated.


5. Terms and point of time of delivery

5.1. The agreed term of delivery is a target term, unless it has been explicitly  agreed otherwise in writing. If timely delivery is not possible B.A.Translations is obliged to inform the client of this without delay.

5.2. The delivery is considered to have taken place at the point of time of sending via Email.

5.3. B.A.Translations will retain a copy of the translation and in the event of there being any loss or damage will forward a further copy free of charge.

6. Honorarium and payment

6.1. Tariffs are calculated by means of the number of words of the source website unless B.A.Translations has agreed otherwise with the client.

6.2. Payments should be settled no later than 15 days after the date of invoice in the currency in which the invoice is set.

6.3. The standard payment method is direct bank transfer. We prefer not to accept checks and require 50 € per check for processing. In all cases, the customer will bear any transfer fees.

6.4. Possible extrajudicial collection costs in case of non-timely payment are entirely and only for the account of the client.

6.5. Any use of a translation before full payment is made will be considered as full acceptance of the translation without any reservations.

7. Objections and complaints 

7.1. The client should make known the complaints about the delivered as quickly as possible to B.A.Translations and in any case within 10 working days after delivery. After this time period has elapsed the translation shall be considered correct.

7.2. The voicing of a complaint in no case relieves the client of his payment obligation.

7.3. In case the complaint is legitimate B.A.Translations will correct or either replace the delivered within a reasonable time.

7.4. All complaints must be accompanied by the disputed translations and a letter of explanation.        

8. Liability

8.1. B.A.Translations is exclusively liable for damage that is a direct and demonstrated consequence of a short-coming accountable to B.A.Translations. It is never liable for all other forms of damage, such as company damage, delay damage and lacking profit. The responsibility is in any case limited to the total value of the contract.

8.2. Ambiguity of the text that is to be translated relieves B.A.Translations of any responsibility.

8.4. B.A.Translations shall not be liable for changes made to its work by other persons.

8.5. B.A.Translations is not liable for damage created as a result of the use of information technology and modern telecommunication devices.
B.A.Translations may not be made liable for damages occurring because of net or server error,or any other kind of transmission disturbances. B.A.Translations does not take liability for damages caused by viruses. The client takes responsibility for checking transmissions via Email. Resulting claims cannot be accepted.

9. Dissolution

9.1. In case B.A.Translations, due to circumstances that do not fall under her account can no longer meet her obligations, B.A.Translations has the right to dissolve the agreement without any obligation to compensation. Such circumstances could be fire, accidents, illness, transport obstructions, measurements by the government or other circumstances upon which B.A.Translations can exert no influence.

10. Copyrights

10.1. The client safeguards B.A.Translations against the claim of a third party due to alleged infringement of property-, patent-, copy- or other intellectual proprietary rights in relation with the performance of the agreement.

10.2. Copyright to a translation passes to the client upon prompt payment of the full amount indicated in the invoice.                                                                                                                       

11. Appropriate law

11.1. To the legal relations between the client and B.A.Translations German law is applied.

11.2. All disputes are subjected to the verdict of the competent German judge.


12. Modification of the General Conditions

12.1. B.A.Translations is at all times entitled to change the general conditions without further announcement.